The magic of Christmas is not just in the decorations and gifts, but also in maintaining our health and well-being during this busy season. At Five Dock Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, we’ve tailored 10 festive physio tips to keep you merry and bright, and most importantly, pain-free!

1. Christmas Tree Safety: When setting up your Christmas tree, practice safe lifting and bending techniques. Bend your knees and keep your back straight to avoid strain.

2. Gift Wrapping Posture: Wrap your gifts at a table, not on the floor, to maintain good posture. This can help prevent back and neck pain.

3. Shopping Smartly: Balance the weight of shopping bags evenly on both sides of your body. Consider using a trolley for those heavier Christmas purchases.

4. Holiday Cooking Stretches: While cooking your festive meals, take short breaks to stretch. Neck rolls and shoulder shrugs can relieve tension from standing in the kitchen.

5. Festive Footwear: Choose supportive and comfortable shoes for those long holiday shopping trips and Christmas parties. Your feet (and back!) will thank you.

6. Dancing Carefully: Enjoy the holiday dance floor, but be mindful of your movements. Avoid sudden twists and turns to protect your knees and back.

7. Outdoor Antics: If you’re enjoying an outdoor Christmas, remember to warm up before that family footy match or cricket spectacular to keep muscles flexible.

8. Decorating Dynamics: When decorating, use a stable step stool instead of stretching excessively. This helps maintain balance and prevents muscle strains, and puts you at less risk of falls.

9. Relaxing Christmas Eve Rituals: Create a relaxing routine on Christmas Eve. Gentle yoga or a warm bath can help your body unwind and rejuvenate.

10. Mindful Merry-making: Listen to your body during the festivities. If something hurts, give yourself permission to rest and recover.

If you do need some extra help, over the Christmas period, we are OPEN aside from public holidays.

If you or someone you care for has an injury, a flare up, requires some rehabilitation or experiences an increase in pain over the festive season, give the clinic a call on 9713 2455 or book online.

Although not all our staff will be present, some of our amazing team will be here to help you get out of pain so you can enjoy both the festive season and all that summer has to offer. Wishing you a delightful, safe, and pain-free holiday season!

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