5 Tips For Neck Pain

Have you ever struggled with neck pain? Are you experiencing discomfort right now?

70% of the population will experience neck pain and most will just put up with it, living with pain and they will never find out the real cause. 


Although some neck pain is due to an acute injury like whiplash following a car accident, or even following a fall or a bad football tackle, most causes of neck pain are due to a combination of factors that are a lot less traumatic! Some examples include incorrect workstation setup or poor posture, poor muscle activation or strength, inappropriate pillow/sleeping position, or it can be a result of degenerative changes like arthritis. It can even be caused by other joints not working properly like your shoulder, your upper back, or even the way you walk or run!

Commonly my patients will describe how their symptoms affect their concentration at work or at home doing simple tasks. Some can’t look over their shoulder, making driving and parking difficult. Other patients must position themselves in the right “spot” when they catch up for lunch with friends as they can’t look one way to hold a conversation. One gentleman’s goal was that he needed to look up enough to drink the last drops out of his wine glass and another patient said she needed to get enough movement so that she can get her hair washed and styled at the hairdresser.

Many people describe being irritable as a result of the nagging pain, saying it affects their sleep, their ability to exercise and their overall mood in general. Neck pain affects everyone a little differently.

“If left without a full assessment considering all of these factors, and appropriate intervention by a passionate practitioner who lives and breathes neck pain, then symptoms usually get worse and it recurs again and again… In these cases, treatment can take longer and gets more expensive with each recurrence. Unfortunately, in some severe cases, the effects cannot be reversed.”

The best thing is that most instances of Neck pain can be helped really quickly.

If you’ve ever wanted to get pain free, then these 5 hot tips might just change your life!

1. 20 minutes of Tech Time – What this means is restrict your tech time to 20-minute blocks – this can help you stop looking down for extended periods placing your neck in a flexed position, and stop your muscles from overworking and your joints from jamming up.

2. Restrict prolonged sitting – Now this can seem unrealistic if you are using technology for work, but we do know through research that we start to slump after around 20 minutes of sitting, so simply stand up after 20 minutes! Regardless of whether you’re in front of your computer or hanging out on the couch, standing up helps to remind you to improve your sitting posture and helps improve neck position.

3. Stretch Regularly – simply hold these stretches for 30 seconds. If you are in front the computer or in pain already, stretching hourly will help heaps! Ear to shoulder stretch – Gently pull your head to the side so that you feel a stretch on the side of your neck Chin to shoulder stretch – Place your hand on your crown and gently pull your head to the opposite shoulder so that you feel a stretch on the side of your neck

4. Check your set up – this involves making sure that your computer is at the right height placing your head in a neutral position and also ensuring that your desk and chair height are adjusted accordingly. I have a series of videos on this already, so please click the links below.

If using a device like a tablet, look at the position of the device as there are stands you can get to place technology in better positions to avoid excessive looking down.

Workstation set up: https://youtu.be/V8ns7Pr7huA
Device use: https://youtu.be/8j-jBPneAV0
Laptop Set up: https://youtu.be/E0IYFeGhBLY

5. Don’t put up with pain – Come in and get an assessment. Fixing neck pain is our passion! …That’s why we created the “Neck Pain Elimination Session”


Unlike other health care professionals we want to help you get better and stay better!

The Neck Pain Elimination Session involves a full examination of the neck, back and shoulder regions, and a screening of the spine and the way you move in general so that an accurate diagnosis can be made. Physio treatment will then be commenced based on your condition, your goals and the cause of symptoms.

This will include a combination of different “Hands on” techniques, exercises and expert advice to help you achieve amazing results.


  • Hands on Techniques – this involves different forms of joint mobilisation or movement, and massage techniques that can help reduce muscle guarding and improve normal joint movement within the neck.
  • Postural Retraining and Neck Strengthening Exercises will help to activate, strengthen and build endurance in the correct muscles of the neck and also help to improve posture.
  • A stretching program will help reduce muscle tightness and maintain muscle length
  • Heat can also help to relax the overactive muscles around the neck and shoulder blades.

In The Neck Pain Elimination Session we will also delve deep into your condition helping to identify and address the barriers/causes in everyday life that may lead to neck pain such as prolonged sitting, excessive device use or poor ergonomics/workstation set up. Our physio’s offer advice and education to mitigate these barriers and help prevent recurrences of neck issues in the future.

Do you really want to be stuck on the roller coaster that is neck pain?

Stop putting up with neck pain or self-managing with medication Click here and get it sorted out today!

In The “NECK PAIN ELIMINATION SESSION” our physio’s will help you:
  • Get crystal clear about what are the causes of your Neck Pain
  • Find out the most important steps for you to get pain free fast!
  • Understand how to use technology without suffering the consequences of neck pain
  • Find out the simple yet essential exercises that can help you get lasting relief
  • Leave the session with the confidence of knowing exactly what to do to get symptom free and back to living life without pain